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it's my heart, and it tastes bitter [entries|friends|calendar]
the bonnie prince

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[07 Apr 2005|03:54am]
Hello. Please add this journal: bernhardt. Soon I will no longer be 'Lilliput' and although the journal won't be deleted it will no longer be updated. Nothing has changed other than the name and a few bits and pieces, it will essentially be the same shit, different day. I'd love a new snazzy layout but I don't know how to do them. I'll get round to adding you all soon, don't ignore this cause I don't want to lose any of you!
I will write a proper bernhardt update in the near future, until then you should know that I am now a published photographer and have a photo in City Life! I didn't have a clue about it and apparently I'm not credited but the little text from Jonah telling me about it gave me a huge rush. I have an interview at Camberwell (University of the Arts, London) next Thursday and I am totally unprepared, so at least I can include the CL cut-out. If you've asked me to do any photography for you/your company/your projects please get in touch ASAP so we can do it this week and I can bulk up my portfolio; I know I'm not going to get in to Camberwell but I at least want to feel like I gave it my best shot.
Ok go add my new journal!
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[03 Apr 2005|07:16pm]
Im in Italy, on the Legurian coast, it is beautiful, and Italian keyboards make it impossible to use apostrophes. I have a sunburned V on my chest and a full notebook and lots of ideas, beware. Metric are the first support for Death From Above 1979 on the 22nd of May at the Academy 3. The fact that Marna is away for this actually made me cry. I shall have to flirt with Jon Longcut and make him come instead, or you Manchester folk could listen to Metric and start to like them and then we can all go which would be much more preferable than reverting back to a 17-year-old and being all suggestive-like to a demi-rockstar (thankgod this keyboard has a dash key) to get my fun. When I get home on Thursday lilliput is coming to an end, to be replaced by something equally unnecessary and incoherant. Please keep your eyes open. Kisses.
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[26 Mar 2005|07:54pm]
I hope that these strange mood swings I'm getting are down to being on the pill and not because I am actually cracking up and am secretly still gutted over Ian. When I'm out with people I feel totally superfine and when I'm on my own I can retreat in to an unmanagable walled garded of self-loathing and at the same time, contempt for pretty much every single person I know. Check that shit out. It just comes and goes like Manchester sunshine and it's made me waste this week tredding water in apathy and laziness and fury, like today lying face down on the sofa for 3 hours instead of taking Polaroids and cutting and sticking and oh yeah PACKING LOL. It made me think about the time we all went heavy drinking and on the way back to someone's house to carry on the fun I found myself cradling Donna on the pavement for hours, as she sobbed and sobbed, blaming it on the contraceptive injection. At the time I was shocked that anyone could be that emotional but this afternoon I felt like going and finding my own spot of pavement and getting down to it.
I feel fine now. Although I can't manage to take my hat and coat off and make like I'm staying somewhere. I want a glass of whiskey and a bustling, sweating Oak Road house party to get lost in. Those were the days, my friends.

I really have nothing to be moody about. I have a boyfriend, he's called Joe. He did his BA in Theatre Arts in Scarborough, which he hated and a vicious rumour circulated that he only emerged with a 2:1 because he was shagging the tutor. Although plausable, this is incorrect. He moved to Manchester and is going to get a job at Subway for summer before starting his Contemporary Arts MA in September. He likes Evan Dando, Stephen Malkmus and Robert Smith, he doesn't drink and he looks like a very pretty girl.
Last night we went to Tiger Lounge with his best friend Jim, who, I had been warned, hates everybody and lets them know it. Jim needed cheering up after a month involving girlfriends, lesbians, voices, prescriptions and referrals. We totally hit it off, much to Joe's delight ("Jim HATES the girls I go out with! This is wild!"). Jim does voluntary charity work helping refugees and asylum seekers, he looks like a mix between the lead singers of Keane and the Kaiser Chiefs, and does a mean Jagger impression. We lit up Tiger Lounge doing the twist to the Shangri-Las, the Beatles, Marlene Shaw and various other Stax and Tamla Motown. This morning I walked (stumbled) ALL THE WAY from Withington to Chorlton after a night of gin and rough sex, wearing my pajama top. Checkit.

I hate Livejournal and doubt I'll update before Italy. Please don't fill up my friends page with bollocks that I will have to sift through after 10 days of being away. Also please don't update telling me how fantastic the VC's were at Killing Fantasy cause GUESS WHAT I'm not gonna be there. Someone come with me when they play Akoustik Anarkhy and/or Blowout. Have a nice Easter.

Edit You know how Arty said he wanted a paid account and he totally got one? I want one of these. Inspired by S is for Steph. Alternatively, the 'OMG' one. Go.
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[25 Mar 2005|11:00am]

04/12/2005 Leeds, UK The Brudenell Social Club

04/14/2005 Liverpool, UK Heaven and Hell

is anyone going to either of these shows?

Edit: And Jayne County on Sunday! it's £8 and I have to get up at 5am the next morning to go to Italy but it seems ludicrous to miss her and Zombina. Does anyone know if they are definitely going and how long it might go on til? Are you all buying tickets in advance?
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[24 Mar 2005|11:54pm]
I think one of you should make me a new userpicture.
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[21 Mar 2005|11:20pm]
I was so depressed and tearful today and when I came to I had spent £40 on Amazon. But it's ok because I'm not really depressed because I have a sort-of boyfriend called Joe who is coming to Chorlton to spend the day and night with me tomorrow and I'll buy him cheesecake and whatever else he wants. But I'm depressed because I'm not good at anything, and I'm certainly no good at clearing things up with Ian. Because I went to Smile and bought lots of pills to sustain a good mood for myself and everyone who I brought with me, and they were amazin-lookin pills, all powder pink in the shape of love hearts, I took a picture so I could show you, and of course everyone came up except me. I just wandered around wide-eyed bored and yawning. Jay Taylor dj-ed and wasn't so ace except for the Joy Division and Slits, and when Ian walked past me and I tried to talk to him he carried on walking and gave me the whole, "Look, don' wanna be be funny but I really don' wanna like, *chat* or anything". Weirdly enough, everyone else there, even Ian's friends, were being extra super ultra NICE to me, and I wish I had come up and run around hugging you all because you're all amazing. I've given up smoking so I'll be pretty again, I'll make friends with Ian later.
But I have been in a terrible mood, 10% wants him back but the rest knows better. It's ok because!!! I bought The Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) on VHS from Amazon marketplace and I'd love you all to come over and watch it. I saw half of it on the TV when I was very young, have never forgotten the surreal imagery and quirkiness and live mumification and mad 80's CGI but never knew what it was called, only that it had a character called "Rathe" in it, and I've just had the genius to fucking Google it and find out the title and buy it. After checking the quotes on IMDb I've finally understood why, aged 8, I spent months shouting "The game is afoot!!!" at every opportunity.

April, I'm sorry I never came to your Peta thing, aswell as the mood I've had a super-sore throat and I'm feeling quite sick and ill. I hope it all went perfectly for you x
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[15 Mar 2005|07:14pm]
Le Tigre/Gravy Train!!!! were wonderful! Naturally the haircuts and handbags brigade were out in their millions but I reminded myself I was only bitter because I probably was one myself, and relaxed and didn't let them get me down. I enjoyed Gravy Train loads more than I thought I would, cause I hardly ever listen to that record except for "Hella Nervous", but all their songs sounded better live and loud and the pom-pom dance routines were great. At one point a slightly bored-looking Chunx drawled, "Is this where Morrissey's from...?" before singing the first few lines of "Jack The Ripper", and mysteriously the crowd seemed to have forgotten the words. Maybe the "mouth slack and wide" line was a direct comment to the crowd of cunts at the front who couldn't refrain from screaming "LEEHTEEEGRUUUH!!" all the way through GT!!!!'s set.
I've never seen Le Tigre live before so seeing them in the flesh was quite exciting. I mean, Kathleen Hanna never saved my life or anything so I wasn't a simpering pool of teengirl adoration, but their presence on the stage, so striking and mature and bold, certainly made me swoon. I loved the way JD moved on stage and looked so modest, I loved Jo's facial expressions, so seductive, and although I've been dubious about Kathleen since Graeme told me about the time he played with her, she certainly has a loveable presence and looked like she was having so much fun. I really wanted to get up and do dance routines with them, it was perfect. Their performances even had me liking songs like 'TKO' and 'Nanny Nanny Boo Boo' which I had previously hated, and it was good to hear lots of stuff from Feminist Sweepstakes. Best songs though, by far, were "Whats yr take on Cassavettes" and "Viz". JD is great when she does her thing, I wish I had a decent photo of her.

Gravy Train and their pom-poms.

I actually wish I had left before the "Deceptacon" encore. I hate it when the whole crowd goes mad for the "hit", it's no way the best Le Tigre song, and people in the crowd were shouting for it throughout the entire set. I was dancing on my own with a good view and suddenly a group of men ran into the crowd in front of the stage and started pushing each other around, and everyone else, waving beer cans around in jubilation that the one song they knew was being played. Is it just Manchester crowds that are like this?
Anyway, I can't stop listening to 'Viz', and wondering if it's ok to fancy Kelly Jones again. Or to admit that you never stopped.
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ee ah oh ee ah ah oh [11 Mar 2005|07:03pm]
The Forest shoot was so-so. As soon as I got to the school I had hundreds of ideas on shots and I was really eager to explore the building and test lighting etc, and took lots of photos of empty spaces and forgotten coats hanging on hooks in corridors and chairs stacked up and reading corners and the like, just for my own use. Jonah was obviously a lot more interested in sorting out a promo shoot than the drummer and the guitarist, who often didn't seem to understand why I was there. Jonah explained that they wanted totally natural looking shots, just of them stood with their equipment in the practise room, just in a line. This was difficult as the light in that particular room was bad, and even when I said "There's a room/corridor over here that has great light..." they weren't happy about using it because "We've never been in that room. It won't be natural". Good lord. In the end I managed to cajole them into a few different rooms and spaces and some of the results are really good, although most are average or poor. The guitarist refused to look at the camera in most and my patience was dwindling. I reckon I'll have about 5-6 shots to send to them in all, which is enough, but takes the piss a bit when I shot two 36 exposure rolls of expensive film and lots of digital images.

In other news, I think "things" are going to happen with Joe. We see each other all the time, I keep ending up at his house or having lunch with him. On Monday he came round and we cooked a Spanish omlette and some chicken for my brother and it was really sweet. I've made myself promise to take things really really slowly with him because I still get sad over Ian, like when, after texting him (Ian) on Tuesday, I discovered he had deleted my number from his phone. It's little things like that, and when I'm cold all I can think about is how warm he felt, etc etc emo gay etc. But I feel comfortable with Joe and I am just going to enjoy his company and let things happen naturally without feeling under any pressure.

Also, The Life Aquatic is an "ok" film. Just "ok".
My exam results come out today and I forgot to pick them up. After hearing other people's marks I am nervous, I was so in love with my topic in the Women and Film module that if I get any less than a B for my write-up I'll do a cry.
I'm going to Italy in 2 weeks. Wow, I can't wait. Just for good food and feeling healthy and seeing the sea and good food and food and sun and getting to wear the sunglasses I bought last month for 49p and getting to buy lots of cheap tacky Catholic crap. I like going away with my mum and uncle as well, they're so knowledgable on architecture and history and the like.
Thom underscore Holland made me get a MySpace. Hell, why? Anyway I have one and I'm not linking you to it and I've decided I will try not to ever put my photo on my profile because it goes against the whole system man and if people contact me (please don't) through it, it will be because I have a crack music taste and not because I am a "foxy gurl" and they want "to marry with" me.
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we're the Blue Peter generation, brought up on amateur creation [07 Mar 2005|11:25am]
[ mood | feck ]

Today I have to go and do that shoot with The Forest. Jesus, people should just ignore anything I say when I'm stood on the stage at Smile with a gin-based drink and a pencil skirt. "Oh you need professional standard promo shots? NO PROBLEM, I'm your girl, yeah?" Anyway, I have my kit sorted and a few vague ideas, we're shooting in a primary school in Didsbury which is where they practise, bizarrely, so I'm thinking some Teachers-inspired naturally lit corridor / toilets / gym stuff. Oh god I'm not in the mood, I have to meet Jonah earlier at the Night & Day, I'm not sure why he suggested this and I'm in the state where I want to talk as little as possible.

I have re-fallen in love with Sue Denim and Dee Plume. Wait, I never really fell out of love with them, I'm just having a mid-relationship surge of affection and adoration and I'm renewing our vows by playing the Robots In Disguise record non-stop. It's stopped being average decent background music and now every track has some new significance and seems genius and wonderful and if I was more of a twat than I am I would post a Myspace-style picture of me with freshly applied make-up licking the cd case and looking away coyly.

Ok, the sun is out, I need to dress myself and go out and pretend to be a photographer.

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[06 Mar 2005|06:15pm]
Does anyone want to buy a Polaroid camera? I stupidly bid on two on eBay and won both, they're both in good condition and are newish models. It'd cost you only seven pounds, unless you don't live in Manchester, in which case it'd cost you £7 plus how ever much the postage will be to get it to you. Come on come on everyone wants Polaroid fun, even though the film is mad expensive. Don't all comment at once...!
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[27 Feb 2005|06:37pm]
Whenever I'm sat in the Cornerhouse Bar with Joe, Steve always seems to play "For Lovers" by Wolfman and Pete Doherty (is it like "dock-erty" or "doh-erty"?) and we always seem to forget what we were saying and go a little sheepish. I've decided I sort of like that song a lot now and I've decided I'll listen to it over and over until I hate it well and good and things can go back to normal.
I thought La Niña Santa was really wonderful, we were all cramped up in the broom cupboard that is Screen 3 but it was fitting because the plot seemed like a hushed-up tale that only a few people should hear of. Some of the relationships were quite taboo but overall the film was made really beautifully and delicately and the use of sound was lovely, lots of lapping water and loud diegetic noise and there were loads of scenes where a crowd of people were just watching a man play classical songs on a theremin at the side of a road.
Afterwards I went to Po Na Na for Lowell's party which was ok, I was a bit too sober to join in the larks and although I managed to classily remove my trousers on the dancefloor (I had a skirt on top) I then managed to forget all about them and now they are lost somewhere.

I stayed in last night and finally managed to watch Nathan Barley. I don't care, I think it's pretty good. I didn't piss laughing or anything and it doesn't at all strike me as Morris-esque but I imagine I'll get into it. The Noel Fielding cameo made me squeal a bit, and that was THE BEST sex-orientated scene I have ever seen on tv, ever. "I'm goin' down south, down with me mouth..". *cringe*

I know I always talk about what I'm eating on here, but I'm about to go make a mushroom pasander, and it's likely to taste better than anything you'll eat this year.
Who's at Smile tonight?
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[24 Feb 2005|10:37pm]
What's poppin' motherfucking cock shephardsCollapse )


Dear Tramp,

I quite like your night, I've even been once or twice. I'm more than happy to recieve updates letting me know what's on and I'm wetly anticipating Chromeo. But please. Please. Stop. Writing. Like. This. Motherfucking cock shephards? It's not ironic or avant garde or "street", it's not any of the things you were aiming for. It's painful to read and it's turning you into a laughing stock. You've also spelled "shepherds" wrong. Save yourselves. Now.


I mean, honestly. Every fucking email I get from them it's all "mofo" this, "bitchez" that. I'm not offended, I'm embarrassed, they're like the new, weedy kids trying to impress the big guys in the school playground. I don't care if they're taking the piss. And yeah, electro rock is good in my opinion, and I like their playlist, but it's not "cutting edge" or "avant garde" and whatever they're stressing on their website. It's easy success. I mean, they're nice, chatty guys but they really are being ridiculed. Saying all this, can't wait for Tramp next Wednesday. CHROMEO!
I await their reply.
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[21 Feb 2005|07:55pm]
oh, hunter s,

here's to you for forever keeping your word. thanks for everything.
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[21 Feb 2005|07:15pm]
My mother is in London and I have the house to myself, the incense stick I just lit smells like smouldering leaves but Marna is coming over and I am going to cook us makhani and it will like LIVING THE LIFE. And I'm excited! I took photos in Trafford park and the Manchester dry dock all day and indulged in one of my most favourite of activities, trespassing. I'd even chance there was a fair bit of breaking and entering and criminal damage thrown in. Check me and my two fingers up at bureaucracy, and I did it all in red satin pumps and a woolen hat with cat's ears on it. Watch me now. OK I have nothing else to write about, I was gonna go to Indigo but I didn't, I was gonna go to Sexy Pest but I didn't, I didn't do much dancing this weekend at all, I was gonna do some college work and get some A levels but didn't and probably won't, but I'm gonna start soaking some rice and listen to Julie London! Beat it.

p.s. Sorry if I deleted you from my Friends List, it was getting too big. Unless I wildly appreciate your entries or I know you in real life or am getting to know you, you're probably not still there. Shucks, sorry!
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[17 Feb 2005|05:30pm]
One wedding dress. Up to a size 12. Any style, although I'd prefer it to be bright white, not cream or ivory. It can be in any condition, although I'd almost prefer it if was a bit on the scruffy side. A veil included would be very much a bonus.
an ornate white shirt or top, possibnly lacey, which could look like a wedding dress if the wearer was photographed from the waist up.

One ballet dancer's tutu, preferably a child's or in the style of a child's. Alternatively, a leotard used by dancers. Preferably pale in colour. Any form of headwear/accessories used by ballet dancers.

I really need these for my photography and If anyone can donate, or tell me a charity shop or somewhere where I can get them very cheap, I'd love you THIS MUCH. All ballet gear can be returned to owner after use should they wish, but unfortunately no wedding dresses can be returned unless you want them back with fake blood all over them. Although I could buy washashble blood so should you want it back, I could sort it out. I understand it's a longshot than anyone would want to part with these things but it would be very, very handy.

Finally, anyone know a good place in Manchester to get masquerade masks?
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[16 Feb 2005|09:56pm]
I got a new haircut, I don't like it and don't particularly feel like sharing it with you now.
I didn't go to LCD Soundsystem although I had a free ticket. Ian was dead pissed off because apparently he chased Woods round the block trying to get us tickets and he's in a foul mood anyway and just informed me he'll move to London if he is awarded a bursary to do an MA in Journalism there.
I have spent £175 out of my bank account in less than a month, although I don't feel like I have anything new. I suppose I am still waiting for Golden Virgins and Robots In Disguise CD's from Amazon...Les Georges Leningrad's second record arrived the other day and I haven't taken it out of my CD player - wow! What a band they really are. My heart belongs to the pseudo-French.
I want to change the red bits in my hair, but I don't know what colour to go...is turquoise passe now?

Failing this (most likely) I want to get rid of the colour and dye it nicely all over...I've always fancied amber. Well, ginger, yeah.

For the first time in my life I did something half-romantic with a man on Valentine's Day. I really could have done without it because I don't buy into the whole thing, I don't hate it, I just really have better things to think about, but Ian and I went to see a Hungarian arthouse film called 'Hukkle' which naturally he hated and I adored, and then we went on the big wheel and had champagne and Mayfairs. Instead of a card (although afterwards Sophie did prepare a wonderful v-day card for me to give to him, involving blue paper towells and kittens in bras) I gave him a song, which was "Siboney" by Connie Francis, and you should all listen to this because it makes me think of smokey hallways and jazz bars and dark chocolate and soft focus and reflections in mirrors and flat metallic circles.
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[13 Feb 2005|02:14pm]
Paris 3 days
Brussels 2 days
Amsterdam 3 days
Berlin 3 days
Stop off in Dresden on the way to
Prague for 3 days. Daytrip to the 'Bohemia' region.
try to get to Crakow although lack of direct train makes it difficult.
Budapest 3 days
Zagreb 1/2 days, Croatian coast 2 days
Venice 1/2 days
Verona 1/2 days
cross-country train to
Nice 3 days

..better start saving.
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!!! [12 Feb 2005|04:28am]
Yesterday was GREAT, after my happy LJ post I made two pints of banana milkshake with cream, chilled them whilst I had a nice long shower and then drank them with some toast in the garden. Then I took the bus to my mum's house and made a boiled egg, perfectly soft in the middle with over-buttered soldiers. Marna came over and we ate some chocolate birthday cake from Monday and took photos and listened to music and then got dressed up (apparently I looked like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins) and went to Kingspot where I bought lots of artificial flowers, cheap bubblegum and strong glue and Marna bought a mini plastic shotgun and a TAMAGOTCHI called Dinkie Dino for £1. We then went to the park and played on the swings as the sun went down and a crowd of people leaving a funeral wake at the Irish centre strolled through to go to the pub. Then we went on those bizarre things which are like a large spring topped with a seat in the shape of an animal (nonsensical ones like chicks and turtles) and you rock back and forth on them. Then we got chips and sat on Beech Road and shivered and then we walked home. I stuck fake flowers to my lampshade and caught the bus to Cornerhouse and met Ian to see 'Sideways', which was ok, not fantastic but..pleasant, and made me crave a huge steak and bottle of red wine.
I've managed to sell my Go! Team ticket so I'm up for going down to Fight Club at la Retro tonight to see the VC's, if anyone's up for it?
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[10 Feb 2005|12:22pm]
Last night I made a thai curry for Marna and myself and we watched the extras on the Shaun of the Dead DVD and drank a bottle of wine, a bottle of Cava and a mix of gin and sloe gin and danced to the Chems and decided we'd grace Homelands or Creamfields this year when I come back from Interrailing. Then we ran off to the Garret and drank some more and fell around, I spoke to Jen loads about the past, future and stuff in between and tried to persuade her to come Interrailing with us because I reckon it would really do her good. I went home and had a drunken dream that I had gone to Killing Fantasy dressed as Princess Di and they were playing Lord Mongo and I was dancing with Nick the owner. I couldn't possibly have a lie-in this morning because as soon as I opened my eyes all I could see was sun shining through the window and I needed to throw it open and stick on loud music and embrace the coming of Spring and Better Times.
There aren't nearly enough hours in the day are there? I really need to go for a country walk sometime soon because I'm hanging by my fingernails over an all-consuming black hole of nostalgia which I might not be able to escape from once inside and I need to remind myself that country walks and little picnics and playing on swings in a hillside pub garden didn't just exist in 1993.
I think today I will bake cakes for my art project, take some photos and go see 'Sideways'. I'm considering selling my Go! Team ticket if anyone's interested. Graeme told me he was disappointed with them live and called them "stage school brats" and if I'm gonna go on my own I need it to be pretty amazing. So if anyone wants it FOR CHEAP then just comment, it's tomorrow at the Hop & Grape.
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[09 Feb 2005|03:14pm]
Well our party was A SUCCESS. Although Nuala left at 12 because the alcohol had taken over and she had run out of fun. Enough people came and me, Alice and Sophie took shifts being the superstar DJ and we were running the most eclectic disco in town, with 'Funky Town' being played about 3 times. Ian and Damien turned up about 12 with their music and it became a sort of Clique promo party but the masses danced and were happy, so I guess so was I.
I've got blood on my pink dress and I left a full bottle of champagne in the DJ booth, some cunt wrote graffiti on the stairs and in the toilets which we are going to be charged for but, there we go. I had to expect people would turn up who I didn't know and were untrustworthy. I had fun so, whatever.
Ian, Phil and I were getting the bus back to Ian's afterwards, and Ian payed all our fares to West Didsbury, even though we intended to get off two stops after that. After the bus left West Didsbury the driver slowed down and yelled at us for trying to fuck the system, etc. Being slightly drugged up our response whilst walking down the aisle to alight the bus was, I admit, fairly sarcastic, but we didn't expect the driver to yell "If you're gonna take the piss, then so will I", slam the bus doors shut and take off at about 200mph without letting us off. For about 10 minutes he drove, just smirking, and we stood right next to his little booth staring open-mouthed as we crossed a motorway and any recognisable surroundings disappeared. Eventually the only other passengers on the runaway bus, two wasted students, perked up and yelled "next one's ours!" and only then were we allowed off. Northenden. Where the shit is Northenden? We didn't know and wandered around bemused for a while, deciding to explore this new place, surreal and spooky in the light of 3am. Anyway in the end we found a taxi driver willing to let us smoke out of the windows of his cab and rode back home, laughing and deciding that we admired the bus driver above all else, because each of us probably would have done the same in his situation.
I have a lovebite the size of China and am aching all over, I didn't manage to do a thing yesterday and today I made pancakes and that's it. Never mind, here are some photos...Collapse )
Hi, I need a massage real real bad, kthnx.
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